Very Large Animal Ornaments

  • Giant pair of stone cast lions Huge garden lions from Discount Garden Statues

    Pair Of Giant Stone Cast Lions 1.35 m, 600kg each

    Superb, detailed high-quality statue of lions will indeed impress your guests. The symbol of respect and honour – the stone cast giant lions in keeping with their classic heritage, they are designed to look aged. Highly recommended for entrance...

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  • Stunning and Realistic Boar Statue Classical Design Stone Cast Boar Statue

    Large wild boar stone statue

    A fabulous wild boar made of stone will be an impressive addition to your garden. Amazing details, thorough work of traditional craftsman make give this animal sculpture a fantastic character. The stone animal ornament is ready to sit in any garden,...

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  • Pair of rearing horse statues from, classic rearing horses, stone horses, 2 white horses rearing stallion statues,classic rearing horses, stone horses, 2 white horses

    Pair of Stunning Large Rearing Horse Statues

    Most impressive in size, superbly detailed high-quality statue of majestic stallions placed on own plinth will indeed impress your any visitors. The symbol of freedom and courage in keeping with its classic heritage, it is designed to look aged and...

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  • Stone Cast Lion Statues Stone Cast Lion Statues

    Pair of Very Large Stunning Lions’ sculpture on a ball

    The most impressive in size and detail, these white stone lions are a wonderful timeless design, with a hint of oriental influence. The figures are designed to look 'aged', in keeping with this classic style. Lions remain true to itself as a symbol of...

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