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Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

Posted by Malika on 25th Sep 2023

Every year on October 1st, we have the wonderful opportunity to honour and celebrate those special individuals who have played an invaluable role in our lives - our grandparents. While there are numerous gifting options available, there's something uniquely timeless and enduring about our stunning stone cast statues here at Discount Garden Statues. In this blog, we delve into why these stunning statues make a perfect gift choice to commemorate Grandparents Day.

A Timeless Keepsake:

Unlike trendy gifts that may go out of style, our beautiful stone cast statues transcend time. These exquisite, handcrafted pieces not only provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space but also have a lasting quality that can be passed down from generation to generation. By gifting a stone cast statue, you create a tangible memento that encapsulates the love and gratitude you have for your grandparents - a keepsake to be cherished for years to come. For example, our adorable ‘Sweethearts Statue’ (STA48) would be the ideal gift for grandparents reminiscing about the precious innocence of childhood love.

Craftsmanship and Beauty:

One cannot help but marvel at the craftsmanship and artistic beauty of our high-quality stone cast statues and ornaments. Crafted with immense care and precision, these statues are hand-produced by our devoted team here in the UK. The attention to detail and artistic finesse make these statues a stunning display of art that will enhance the aesthetics of any space and become a treasured focal point. For example, our absolutely beautiful ‘Ornate Birdbath’ (BB24) would be a stunning gift for any grandparent who loves their garden, especially if they are keen on inviting birds into their outdoor space!

A Gift with Meaning:

While material possessions can bring temporary happiness, an immersive and meaningful gift, such as our statues and ornaments here at Discount Garden Statues, convey a deeper appreciation for the role grandparents play in our lives. By gifting them something such as our delightful ‘Laying Boy and Girl’ (STA34 & 35) duo, your grandparents will be nostalgically reminded of the joys of raising young grandchildren and this timeless gift will touch the hearts of all those who lay eyes upon it. Such a kind and thoughtful gesture will affirm your grandparents’ importance and signify to them the impact they have had in shaping our values, perspectives, and character.

So, this Grandparents’ Day, give the gift of lasting beauty and love by presenting your grandparents with one of our stunning stone cast statues. Our charming, high-grade statues transcend the limitations of time and serve as an enduring testament to the love and appreciation we hold in our hearts for our grandparents. By choosing a gift from Discount Garden Statues, you're not only gifting a physical artifact but also honouring the precious memories and impact that your grandparents have had on your life.