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Boring Back Yards Be Gone!

Boring Back Yards Be Gone!

Posted by Jay Dibben on 16th Nov 2021

A person's pride and joy more often than not is their home, where they spend most of their days relaxing after a long day at work or school. Have you ever wondered how you could jazz up your boring old backyard? Dreamt of being able to entertain outside as well as inside but just don't know where to get started? Fear not dear reader because today, we're going to give you some inspiration! 

Make your features more than just flowers!

Pair of large easter island moi heads for gardens

What better place to get started than the back door? whether you have patio doors or a solid door, your back door is the gateway to your very own secret escape! With mental health being at the forefront of everyone's minds right now, what better way to lift your mood than with some wonderful ornaments, accessories & decorations but where to start? 

You have to think about what space you have available & what you'd like to get out of it, what options do you have for plants? Do you have flowerbeds or a paved yard that will need troughs or pots to bring colour and depth to your garden? 

Your flowerbeds for example are so much more than a place to put plants, they're a whole world of exiting possibilities, you could add an eye catching yet elegant ornament such as our Easter Island Moi Heads, plant smaller, lower growing flowers, or crawlers & you have an all year round feature! Add some solar spotlights and the talking point will be illuminated even for those summer evening barbecues!

Paved gardens have massive pot potential!

Large wicker pot for paved gardens

No flower beds? No problem, not only can you bring the colour and dynamic of beautiful plants to your paved garden but you can do it with a style to fit every taste! Creating amazing focal points doesn't have to be left to designers & landscapers! You can choose any style you like, just make sure to mix things up a little with larger and smaller pots, creating more depth and hight while adding new textures & materials to your dynamic.

Our Large elizabethan style wicker pots are larger, deeper pots, perfect for even small trees! Try adding some low growing crawlers in small pots either side & watch your paved area or patio turn into a sea of colours your guests just won't be able to get enough of!